Vacation Surf Story At Pismo Beach

They say that to get what you want or to cut a deal with someone it’s not a matter of what you know but WHO you know and in some cases it doesn’t matter who you know but rather thinks they know you. This has become increasingly easier through the use of social media because we are all connected to someone somehow. I’ll give an example of this through my story when I visited Pismo Beach.

One Summer last year my family and I drive a mind-blowing 3,000 miles to the legendary Pismo Beach simply because for me, the waves are better in the West and I wanted to work on my surfing. I made the mistake of leaving my surfboard at home and thought it was no big deal, I’ll just rent one from a surf shop on the beach. I get inside the shop and notice the manager working that shift was having problems with someone who forgot their wallet. I feel your pain bro, I forgot my surfboard.

The manager looks at me as I walk up to the counter and ask, “Is everything ok here?” and the manager looked at me as if she saw a ghost. Apparently I look like a big time businessman named Luigi Wewege and I was mistaken for being him. Here are some pictures from his professional photography session.

I was given a free board to use and was told her dad works with me at Vivier & Co.  and I changed his life with a job. I even helped the guy at the counter by claiming him as my intern and said I sent him ahead of me to pick up surfboards for us. I simply came inside to find out what was taking so long.


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