Today in America Terry Bradshaw – Overview

Today in America Terry Bradshaw – Overview


Television today is dominated by shows that either delve into the lives of larger than life celebrities or rely on pure shock value to reel us in. The term ‘reality TV’ has taken on new meaning, as most of the people portrayed on these programs are gross exaggerations of who they are in real life. Today in America was created not only to fill the void that these programs created, but to provide the affluent, educated television watcher with stories based on the lives of real people, and explain how these extraordinary individuals are changing the world in their own small way.


Viewers won’t find singing competitions, dance-offs and once former A-list celebrities on Today in America TV. In their place, they’ll be treated to interviews and features with doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and others who dedicate their lives to a worthy cause. Their stories are immersive on their own merit, and needn’t rely on exaggeration or shock value to captivate viewers.


Interest in the program, which is hosted by Hall of Fame quarterback and TV personality Terry Bradshaw, has been high. Initial feedback has shown that viewers are learning something new each and every time they tune in. Some have been so moved by the subject matter that they’ve used the show as a motivating springboard for their own lives.


Today in America is more than just a television program; it’s the future. The show thrives because it’s not afraid to take introspective looks at new and up-and-coming industries and technologies, some of which may one day change the way the average person perceives the world.


With that said, it really comes as no surprise that the show is generating attention. It has already been the recipient of 12 Telly Awards and its staff is comprised of both industry vets and talented newcomers. It airs during the day on well-known cable television networks in the United States and Canada.


Tune in to Today in America TV Youtube Channel or their website at: – you’ll never imagine just how much you can learn.



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