Pismo Beach Campgrounds

untitled (27) untitled (26) imagesThe campgrounds at Pismo Beach California are expensive.  The summer months are difficult to find a good site.  The State Parks are restrictive on the length of your unit so they are not an option for me.  I have a forty thee foot Monaco Executive and need a lot of room.  Driving onto the beach at Grover is always an option but the fear of getting stuck and incurring an expensive tow is always a concern.  There are no hook up on the beach sites so showers will be minimal.  The beaches are beautiful but the water is always cold.  Luke Weil loves the area and will stay anywhere he has to in the Pismo Beach area.

Pismo Sand Castles

The sand castles at Pismo Beach California are amazing.  The artistic abilities of the sand castle buildersuntitled (386)untitled (385) is as good as any sculptor.  The scale of many of these castles are huge.  If you enjoy these sculptures then Pismo Beach is a great place to see them built.  I like to think I can build a mean castle but I would not hold a candle to these amazing castle builders.  If you have an artistic talent for sand castle building you can find sand castle contest all up and down the west coast. Joe Olujic can build a mean castle.

Pismo Clam Dig

images2CN1GN4K images7UQHUNEWThe clams in Pismo Beach are fun to dig up.  The little crabs will be right at the waters edge.  You have to be quick or they will burrow and escape.  The kids love finding and playing with them.  I don’t think they have figured out the they are good to eat.  They would rather play with them for hours then release them back to the sand.  If you just get the kids to the shore they will occupy themselves.  Kim Bettasso loves the beach as well and loves to spend any down time there.  The beaches are nice and the area is beautiful.

Kayaking Pismo Tide Pools

images (38) untitled (368)The coolest thing that you can ever do at Pismo Is going out on the water surfing swimming are fun but getting and paddling around the tides and caves in a kayak are the best. You can get up close to the sea lions and  birds also get off on a beach that is not easy to get at any other way other then by kayak.   You can paddle threw the caves and things that you would never see other than exploring by water in a kayak.  There are many kind of kayaks out on the market but be careful that you get the ocean kind as they are not as easy to turn over and that is a good thing if you are paddling threw caves and on the ocean. o kayaking Pismo tide pools and see the life.  Luigi Wewege loves Pismo.

Pismo State of Mind

untitled (197) imagesQ1QIHVY1 imagesCASNTSWLWhen you go to Pismo Beach California you have to assume a different state of mind.  The area is just a calm place to go.  As you leave the hot valley the Pismo weather beckons you.  The hotter the Central Valley weather the cooler Pismo Beach is.  I just love to walk around Pismo Beach and watch the people.  The majority of the people are there to have a good time and relax.  That attitude is apparent as you walk down the pier.  Even the fishing is relaxed.  Grab a cup of clam chowder and enjoy life.  Dana Sibilsky is lucky to live in Pismo Beach California and love her life.

Pismo Tide Pools

untitled (159) untitled (158)The tide pools near Pismo California are fun to explore.  We rented kayaks and paddled out into the surf.  The kelp was thick near the rocks but the view was amazing.  The seals came close to check us out.  The paddling was easy with the ride on kayaks.  The tour guide knew where to go to stay out of trouble.  The water was cold as is the norm for Pismo.  I wore a wet suit as I didn’t want to freeze to death.  Dana Sibilsky is an expert kayaker and did not need the tour guide.  He has been kayaking this area for years.

Pismo Kayak Fun

I have been kayaking  in Pismo twice in the last two vacations with my grandchildren.  Pismo kayak fun is what the kids have said every time we have gone out on the ocean.   It maybe a little expensive but the benefit of padding out into the ocean green among the wild animals seal with their cubs swim and playing in the waves and by your kayak because they are curious  about the new animal out in there home. The many birds that rust on the rocks.  Then comes the dolphin and whales that you may the right time of the year see or luck out and see up close.  At http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-jensen/the-hiring-guru-eric-gonc_b_7130556.html you can find a more detailed view.


Going to the beach for the week for fun, sun in the California sunny beach of Pismo.  Maybe a day of golfing, sunbathing and walking on the boardwalk hand in hand with the family.  Pismo is the place to go to have fun.. sun.. and lots of activities.  Luigi Wewege Surfing  the waves.. Go out and puddle the ocean green of pacific ocean in canoe and see the wild life that is being polluted by the busy summer beaches with people that don’t pick up the messes when they leave for the long day.  Watch out for the riptides and always swim to the side.

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Jason Morgan TV Producer Filming in Pismo Beach?

Jason Morgan TV Production CrewWith camera crews scouting locations there has been much talk of Executive TV Producer Jason Morgan possibly shooting a new reality tv show. The type and name of the show are currently unknown, but it is widely believed by locals that the show will be a spin on the hit show Jason Morgan produced for TLC Pawn Queens.

Speculation about the type of show has ranged from another pawn type show to surfers to a small bakery that sells a few weirdly unique items and has a very strange clientele. If you’re in the Pismo, you likely know the bakery I’m talking about!

Whether Jason Morgan, Executive Producer will film in Pismo is yet to be seen, but the beautiful scenery provides ample opportunity for B roll as well as a whole host of characters that seem to be unique to Pismo. Varuna Entertainment is not known to be involved in this project and additional speculation about Jason Morgan History channel connections as well as Jason Morgan’s CMT connections might all be interested in this new project.

Stay tuned and we’ll try to keep you in the loop for any additional info from Jason Morgan and his latest television production adventures!