Rishi Chugh Farming in Pismo

“I grew up on a farm with thirty-acres of land. I have felt connected to the land and nature in general because of my upbringing on a farm. We eventually sold the farm due to the economic situation but the connection with the land still remains.

My dad had to make a career switch after closing down the farm, he decided to become a property developer. He has made a lot of money in the property market. He purchases land and sells it on, like a middle man. Two-years ago he purchased twelve-acres in the Essex countryside and built a six-bedroom detached country house on the land. He sold the house and the land to make two-hundred thousand profit.

I am now learning more about the price of land and where to invest for the future. My dad has been very successful and I hope to follow in his footsteps by learning from his experience and knowledge.

My first venture is an allotment in Surrey. The allotment is not used, which is a shame, and I think I can bring it back to life with a little work. The land in this area is not cheap but I am sure I can make a profit once it is ready to be sold on. Making profit through buying land is far from easy, you can easily lose money, but the rewards are great if you have the knowledge and research behind you. Research is one of the most important factors, you need to know the true value of the land and the market.”

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