Randi Glazer Discusses Benefits of Pismo Beach’s New “Parklets”

Randi Glazer has traveled to a wide variety of exotic destinations all over the world, and one of the more common themes she has experienced in each of these locales is the clear desire of residents and visitors alike to have more shared spaces in which a sense of community can be strongly encouraged. With the advent and expansion of its “parklet” program, Pismo Beach has succeeded in creating areas in which it is easy for pedestrians to stop and comfortably rest for a moment, or for visitors and residents to sit down and have a chat about anything that happens to come to mind.

According to Glazer, these spaces are very likely to be one of the most cost-effective methods for encouraging increased socialization among all of those in the area, and it is likewise quite an efficient way to beautify a wide expanse of the city without having to make a sizable financial commitment to do so. In fact, Pismo has made the installation of its parklet program even more cost-effective by opening it for sponsorship opportunities among businesses and other organizations.

Much like the adopt-a-highway programs that exist throughout the United States, the Pismo Beach parklet program ensures its public spaces are maintained by those committed to sponsoring the miniature parks throughout its increasingly inviting downtown area. The program in Pismo Beach has been such a success among both the city and its residents that it seems very likely that other cities will begin adopting similar programs in the very near future.

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