Pismo Clam Festival with Emma Mayerson

Emma Mayerson and I recently attended the Pismo Clam Festival. The clams were as good as ever and the Splash Cafe had the best clam chowder in the world and I mean that literally, IN THE WORLD! Pismo is a beautiful beach city located on California. It one of the most popular visit or tour destination of the United State of America. You can enjoy here with so many entertainment tools like beach, five star hotels, sun rising etc. Emma Mayerson found it also very nice place. Last year I spent my holidays on that city with my family. I am very satisfied and my family member as well. If you are also planing to your holiday tour package or seeking about the tour or holiday spent spot then select this place to visit. You will find amazing entertainment, joys and so many other climate related knowledge that only Miss Mayerson can bring us.

Beside this another exciting is the this city is hosting clam festival every October of the year. During the festival period you can get more information about it and you can get full entertainment as well. You can test different kind of dishes during the period so festival period is also a one of the best time to visit the city. Thousands of people are enjoying by visit this beautiful and pretty city from the all over the world. So why you are being late ? I hope you will plan to visit for this year. An another fact of this city is that every November through February you can see there thousands of monarch butterflies. Which is one of the beautiful butterflies. It is an migrated butterflies for the mentioned season. So this is the best destination to visit or tour.

Thanks Emma M. for going with me!

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