Pismo Beach Represent Unique Location for Recovery From Injury

There are very few things surfing is not able to cure, and apparently the sport’s devotees see it is the ideal activity for staying active while dealing with a whole host of sports injuries. While a bum ankle or foot may keep basketball players off the court for an extended period of time while nursing their injury, surfers in Pismo Beach believe that there is no reason to discontinue their wave riding due to injury. Of course, as Dr. Andrew Carver has pointed out, surfers from San Francisco, California, to Washington, DC, should exhibit caution when dealing with any injury, noting that there is a potentially serious risk of making the condition worse.

Dr. Carver, a podiatrist, notes that there are many aspects of surfing in Pismo Beach that are indeed ideal in aiding in the recovery process from injury. The relative cold of the Pacific Ocean and the fact that the surfer is frequently immersed in this water is good for reducing inflammation and stimulating several aspects of the body’s natural recovery processes, but the demands of the actual act of surfing may be too much for certain types of injuries. The foot doctor pointed out that a lower leg injury could be exacerbated by the surfer’s need to “pop up” and plant their feet firmly on the board.

Of course, many of the Pismo Beach surfers are always more than happy to offer plenty of anecdotal reviews that indicate surfing is great for any and all injuries, and Dr. Carver sees that there are some possible health benefits to engaging in the activity. In terms of podiatry, however, the doctor believes that it is best to have a medical professional analyze each individual injury to determine whether or not a specific activity is safe and will not therefore negatively affect the recovery process.

It is important for patients to stay active while recovering from any sports injury, but there are also certain limitations that must be abided by. Dr. Carver believes the best course of action is for patients to consult with their doctor before engaging in any type of physical activity, whether it is surfing or some other athletic endeavor.

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