Pismo Wacky Weather

The weather at Pismo Beach California is wacky.  The mornings can be foggy and the evenings are usually windy.  As soon as the sun goes down the wind stops. untitled (73) images854R4PU8 The hotter the Central Valley is the colder Pismo Beach is.  If you are escaping the Central Valley heat you better bring a sweatshirt to Pismo Beach.  I have walked the beach in overcast fog and got the worse sun burn ever.  The cold air makes you think that the sun will not burn you.  If you don’t watch out that sun burn will get you good.  Luigi Wewege  is a Pismo Beach fan and always plans for the wacky weather.

Pismo Beach Campgrounds

untitled (27) untitled (26) imagesThe campgrounds at Pismo Beach California are expensive.  The summer months are difficult to find a good site.  The State Parks are restrictive on the length of your unit so they are not an option for me.  I have a forty thee foot Monaco Executive and need a lot of room.  Driving onto the beach at Grover is always an option but the fear of getting stuck and incurring an expensive tow is always a concern.  There are no hook up on the beach sites so showers will be minimal.  The beaches are beautiful but the water is always cold.  Luke Weil loves the area and will stay anywhere he has to in the Pismo Beach area.

Pismo Sand Castles

The sand castles at Pismo Beach California are amazing.  The artistic abilities of the sand castle buildersuntitled (386)untitled (385) is as good as any sculptor.  The scale of many of these castles are huge.  If you enjoy these sculptures then Pismo Beach is a great place to see them built.  I like to think I can build a mean castle but I would not hold a candle to these amazing castle builders.  If you have an artistic talent for sand castle building you can find sand castle contest all up and down the west coast. Joe Olujic can build a mean castle.

Pismo Clam Dig

images2CN1GN4K images7UQHUNEWThe clams in Pismo Beach are fun to dig up.  The little crabs will be right at the waters edge.  You have to be quick or they will burrow and escape.  The kids love finding and playing with them.  I don’t think they have figured out the they are good to eat.  They would rather play with them for hours then release them back to the sand.  If you just get the kids to the shore they will occupy themselves.  Kim Bettasso loves the beach as well and loves to spend any down time there.  The beaches are nice and the area is beautiful.

Kayaking Pismo Tide Pools

images (38) untitled (368)The coolest thing that you can ever do at Pismo Is going out on the water surfing swimming are fun but getting and paddling around the tides and caves in a kayak are the best. You can get up close to the sea lions and  birds also get off on a beach that is not easy to get at any other way other then by kayak.   You can paddle threw the caves and things that you would never see other than exploring by water in a kayak.  There are many kind of kayaks out on the market but be careful that you get the ocean kind as they are not as easy to turn over and that is a good thing if you are paddling threw caves and on the ocean. o kayaking Pismo tide pools and see the life.  Luigi Wewege loves Pismo.

Pismo State of Mind

untitled (197) imagesQ1QIHVY1 imagesCASNTSWLWhen you go to Pismo Beach California you have to assume a different state of mind.  The area is just a calm place to go.  As you leave the hot valley the Pismo weather beckons you.  The hotter the Central Valley weather the cooler Pismo Beach is.  I just love to walk around Pismo Beach and watch the people.  The majority of the people are there to have a good time and relax.  That attitude is apparent as you walk down the pier.  Even the fishing is relaxed.  Grab a cup of clam chowder and enjoy life.  Dana Sibilsky is lucky to live in Pismo Beach California and love her life.

Pismo Tide Pools

untitled (159) untitled (158)The tide pools near Pismo California are fun to explore.  We rented kayaks and paddled out into the surf.  The kelp was thick near the rocks but the view was amazing.  The seals came close to check us out.  The paddling was easy with the ride on kayaks.  The tour guide knew where to go to stay out of trouble.  The water was cold as is the norm for Pismo.  I wore a wet suit as I didn’t want to freeze to death.  Dana Sibilsky is an expert kayaker and did not need the tour guide.  He has been kayaking this area for years.

Pismo Beach Weather

images9X2TA1ZM images58BUDC7WIf you are not happy with the weather in Pismo Beach California just give it a few minutes and it will change.  The morning fog is always an unwelcome guest but will burn off on most days.  The wind will visit every evening but will die down as the sun sets.  Most days are down right cold.  The beaches are nice and cool and you will get a sun burn without realizing it.  The area is an acquired taste.  My mom loved it.  The cold never bothered her any way.  Don’t stay Home for Life and go visit Pismo Beach. Come visit and stay cold a while.

Pismo Beach Sand Highway

untitled (45) images (8) images59UERLEZThe Sand Highway at Pismo Beach California is quite unique.  It was laid out for off road vehicles that can handle the sand.  If you enjoy riding that quad or dune buggy then I would definitely plan to drive the Sand Highway.  You can drive right onto the beach at the Grover Beach entrance with the family car without a problem. Just stay near the water and wet sand and you wont get stuck.  Do Not get brave and tackle the Sand Highway without four wheel drive.  Joe Olujic can ride a dune with the best of them. Why not give Pismo a try next vacation?

Pismo Beach as a Frequent Pop Culture Reference

Pismo Beach is a wonderful place for so many reasons, and the creative types in the entertainment industry have long referenced the Central Coast city in both film and television productions. Out of the many recent examples of Pismo Beach being a part of popular culture, perhaps the most famous is in The Big Lebowski, the cult classic made by the Coen Brothers and starring Jeff Bridges as the film’s protagonist, Jeffrey Lebowski.

In the film, one of Mr. Lebowski’s bowling friends passes away after an incident involving a group of angry nihilists. The friend, played by Steve Buscemi, suffers a heart attack and is subsequently cremated. Mr. Lebowski – also known as “The Dude” – and Walter Sobchak, a character played by John Goodman, hold the service for Buscemi’s character, Donnie. During the eulogy delivered by Goodman’s character, he mentions Pismo Beach as a favorite location of the deceased, a place he frequented for its ideal surf conditions.

The pop culture references go back to the days of Dragnet, when Bill Gannon is famously rejuvenated by the city’s clams in the made-for-TV movie. After just three weeks in Pismo Beach, Gannon comes out of retirement and rejoins the LAPD, claiming the clam chowder as having made all the difference.

There are other references, of course, but these are certainly among the most memorable. The city is so frequently referenced because it is one that stays in the memory of visitors and residents alike. Just as those who take a memorable vacation are compelled to share the details of their trip by writing Occidental Vacation Club reviews, the writers of these television shows and movies are simply sharing their experience in the manner in which they are able.