Jason Morgan TV Producer Filming in Pismo Beach?

Jason Morgan TV Production CrewWith camera crews scouting locations there has been much talk of Executive TV Producer Jason Morgan possibly shooting a new reality tv show. The type and name of the show are currently unknown, but it is widely believed by locals that the show will be a spin on the hit show Jason Morgan produced for TLC Pawn Queens.

Speculation about the type of show has ranged from another pawn type show to surfers to a small bakery that sells a few weirdly unique items and has a very strange clientele. If you’re in the Pismo, you likely know the bakery I’m talking about!

Whether Jason Morgan, Executive Producer will film in Pismo is yet to be seen, but the beautiful scenery provides ample opportunity for B roll as well as a whole host of characters that seem to be unique to Pismo. Varuna Entertainment is not known to be involved in this project and additional speculation about Jason Morgan History channel connections as well as Jason Morgan’s CMT connections might all be interested in this new project.

Stay tuned and we’ll try to keep you in the loop for any additional info from Jason Morgan and his latest television production adventures!

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