It’s Always Cold in Pismo Beach, CA

On are summer vacation every year we travel to Pismo beach in Ca..  People have told us it’s always cold in Pismo beach. Isn’t always cold off and on at any beach because of the climate control isn’t that what we are told by government and scholars.. Its cold at Pismo beach and any other beach because it is do to the weather at any time of year that is normal season changes.. I have been to this beautiful beach on a very sunny day with wind blowing which makes it feel like its cold in Pismo Beach Ca. in the evening.. Its always cold or hot in Pismo Beach Ca. depending on the season and weather all over the area in the middle of the ocean.  We like to put are toes out in the sand in Pismo sun or shine.  So we tell you like noted here,  its always  really cold in Pismo Beach if you believe climate change I have swamp land for sale..


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