Reviews and Scams for Pismo Businesses reviews scams in Pismo for the latest ways to defeat these criminals.  With much of the world experiencing new and innovative scams, there is a need for a company like to provide reviews of reputable companies.  There are three main ways that reviews local Pismo Beach business owners.

1. Talk one-on-one.  Many scammers will not answer the phone.  With most scammers watching their backs to avoid reviews from the local or federal governments, these people perpetrating the scam will change their number frequently.  Real business owners know that changing their phone number can have a very detrimental effect on their business, so they keep the same number as long as possible.

2. Reviews in person.  Whenever possible, scam reviewers will go to the local business to make sure it exists and see what type of business they’re running.

  • Is the owner present?
  • Is the business profitable?
  • Are they BBB listed?
  • Do they have local flyers for Pismo parties or restaurants?

These are just a few ways for a company to prove that it’s legitimate.

3. Doing Due Diligence. Reviews the local clientele looking for obvious scam attempts.  If the local Pismo population loves the store or restaurant, there is a greater chance that an scam won’t be found.

While there are thousands of ways to look for reviews and scams, has perfected the process and can spot a scam a mile away!

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