How to Increase Your Home’s Value If You Live in Pismo Beach, CA

Robert Tweed
Pismo Beach, California, is a quintessential town that revolves around a beach atmosphere. Flip-flops, shorts, and sunglasses become a makeshift uniform during the summer. If you’re lucky enough to own a home in this town, you know it has a considerable value already. However, you can still improve upon it with these tips. Sell your Pismo home with a substantial profit when you consider certain features.

Wake Up the Exterior

Beach living may be tempting, but it comes with its added challenges in regards to the elements. The salty air wreaks havoc on your home’s exterior surfaces. Consider a power washing of your exterior paint. If it’s particularly worn, investing in a paint job may be worth the effort. Ask a roofer to patch up any sections of the roof too. Between the windy and salty conditions, a fresh paint job and roof inspection on your Pismo home show off its beauty without hinting of the weathering elements.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Although Pismo has its share of cloudy days, it’s remarkably sunny for most of the year. Boost your home’s value by adding in solar panels, states Consumer Reports. Homebuyers see the paneling as a cost-effective maneuver to avoid expensive, energy bills. These investments often have tax incentives too. It’s not necessary to power the entire home either. Adding enough panels to partially run the home is ample enough for many potential buyers.

Work With an Experienced Agent

Don’t forget that your real-estate agent makes a difference when it comes to home value. Professionals at Robert Tweed can stage the home in a way that only draws more bidders. As additional buyers become interested in the property, the bidding war begins. You’ll see the home’s value skyrocket by pure competition alone.

The agent also creates a theme to the home through social-media posts, email blasts, and newsletters. A buzz about the home’s beauty increases the value in buyers’ minds, which leads to a better price for the sellers.

Consider Updated Insulation

When you think of beach living, concerns over the insulation may not be at the top of your list. However, it does make a difference. Winds blowing off of the Pacific Ocean can be cold, especially during the winter. Appropriate insulation added to the walls and attic can make the home comfortable year-round.

Some insulation can actually be blown in with a specialized tool. Be sure to mention this feature to potential buyers because its addition is often a subtle one that’s overlooked.

Advertise the School System

Many households in Pismo Beach are built specifically for families. Kids and adults alike adore the relaxed atmosphere. Increase your home’s value by advertising the local school system. Discuss awards and other accolades that the schools have earned, including scholarships from Robert Tweed. Homebuyers with small children prioritize stellar, school systems so your value automatically soars as a result.

Achieve good advertising by sending the information out to the agent’s email, website or blog. Homebuyers may end up calling the agent in record time as a result.

Invest in New Windows

When you consider any major upgrades to your Pismo Beach home, think about new windows. Most homes have their original windows. These models may have single panes that shudder with the wind. Homebuyers willing to place a good amount of money on a property will want double- or triple-pane windows.

Look for multiple quotes on the windows. This investment may also have a tax incentive. By reducing energy loss through the windows, your home’s value dramatically increases.

Spruce Up the Front Yard

No home will sell at a good price without a landscape that’s neat and tidy. Head out to the curb and look back at the property. Take note of any overgrown plants, missing stepping stones or dead foliage. Schedule an afternoon to take care of the front yard because this area is the first one that buyers see. The first impression tells visitors if you’ve taken care of the property or neglected it. Some buyers leave without seeing the interior if the yard looks particularly overgrown.

Accentuate Beach Access

When you live in Pismo Beach, the ocean is only a few minutes away. You may not have actual beachfront property, but access to the water is a selling point. Accentuate any access to the beach through your advertising. Show off a trail or sidewalk that leads to the water. Many buyers appreciate a property that’s hidden away from the beach but still offers easy access when the weather is nice.

Forbes Magazine recommends a declutter project for your home before any listing starts up with your agency. Take all of these suggestions to heart because they equate to a percentage of value growth that’s seen during the bidding process. Your Pismo property will barely have a chance to remain in the listings because of its popularity among buyers.

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