David R. Gray, Jr. Offers High Praise for Pismo Beach’s Coastal Cuisine


beach photoDavid R. Gray, Jr. knows a thing or two about the joy associated with a wonderful dining experience, so when the Illinois attorney and real estate investor made one of his relatively frequent trips to the West Coast on business, he knew he could not pass up the opportunity to explore the coastal cuisine that Pismo Beach, California, has become known for. While Chicago might be best known for its deep-dish pizza or Polish-inspired culinary indulgences, Gray points out that there has long been an appreciation among Chicagoans for the kind of seafood fare found in Pismo Beach and the surrounding areas.

During a recent stay, Gray had the good fortune of dining at the just-opened Oyster Loft, which is situated above Pismo Beach staple Wooly’s Beach and Bar in the downtown area. With oysters and filet mignon prominently featured on the menu, the combination of the ocean’s proximity and the upscale cuisine is everything one could ask for out of a restaurant and more, and Gray seems a likely candidate to return to Pismo Beach’s newest restaurant featuring an ocean-inspired menu.

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