Pismo Tide Pools

untitled (159) untitled (158)The tide pools near Pismo California are fun to explore.  We rented kayaks and paddled out into the surf.  The kelp was thick near the rocks but the view was amazing.  The seals came close to check us out.  The paddling was easy with the ride on kayaks.  The tour guide knew where to go to stay out of trouble.  The water was cold as is the norm for Pismo.  I wore a wet suit as I didn’t want to freeze to death.  Dana Sibilsky is an expert kayaker and did not need the tour guide.  He has been kayaking this area for years.

Pismo Beach Is For The Grand Adventurer

If you haven’t been to Pismo Beach, you’ve missed a piece of California’s heart and soul. With so much to do and such little time to do it all in if you’re a visitor, a few activities will be mentioned here. First, the wine. Wine is becoming increasingly popular and to a surprise to some Wine has been produced for thousands of years since 6,000 B.C. Pismo Beach is the place that offers two pleasures in one. With beautiful beaches and a taste of California wine are never too far away.

Similar to a recent post from Joe Olujic, you’ll be educating yourself at Pismo Beach with the multitudes of diverse cultures. Take a moment to yourself with the best of the outdoors hiking, surfing, fishing and more right on the Central Coast. If you are into camping, there are also two campgrounds each offering it’s own unique topography and ecosystem.

Pismo Beach is home to the adventurer, not the homebody. If you need a grand adventure, it’s time to take a ride.

Daren Zenner Scales the Pismo Dunes

Daren_Zenner_in_the_ringThere is no place on Earth greater than Pismo Beach, California, and many would agree, maybe even Daren Zenner. Where the weather is perfect, most of the time, the shops have a plethora of vintage clothing, and the people are always friendly, not too mention the best clam chowder in the these United States. Many would say clam chowder is an east coast thing, but not anyone who has tried Splash Cafe’s award winning Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. Daren Zenner says he could live on the dish if it was the last type of food on earth. if Zenner is not seal watching at the pier or eating his clam chowder bowl, he is probably scaling the infamous Pismo Beach dunes, which are celebrated every year with hordes of dirt bikes, quads, dune buggies, and 4×4 trucks. The Pismo Beach dunes were voted the best beach dunes to ride in California many ayears, even the locals who have been scaling these dunes for a lifetime are still not tired of the fun they provide.

If Pismo doesnt have something your looking for than you probably dont have a pulse, so take Daren Zenners word for it, “it’s the king of beaches”. So next time you are planning a family trip or even a romantic getaway do not overlook Pismo Beach, you wont regret it. And remember to try the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl!

Terry Bandy Gives Math Assignment Help in Pismo

Terry Bandy

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Terry Bandy
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Jason Morgan TV Producer Filming in Pismo Beach?

Jason Morgan TV Production CrewWith camera crews scouting locations there has been much talk of Executive TV Producer Jason Morgan possibly shooting a new reality tv show. The type and name of the show are currently unknown, but it is widely believed by locals that the show will be a spin on the hit show Jason Morgan produced for TLC Pawn Queens.

Speculation about the type of show has ranged from another pawn type show to surfers to a small bakery that sells a few weirdly unique items and has a very strange clientele. If you’re in the Pismo, you likely know the bakery I’m talking about!

Whether Jason Morgan, Executive Producer will film in Pismo is yet to be seen, but the beautiful scenery provides ample opportunity for B roll as well as a whole host of characters that seem to be unique to Pismo. Varuna Entertainment is not known to be involved in this project and additional speculation about Jason Morgan History channel connections as well as Jason Morgan’s CMT connections might all be interested in this new project.

Stay tuned and we’ll try to keep you in the loop for any additional info from Jason Morgan and his latest television production adventures!

Al Spaulding – Best of Pismo

When traveling as a family, as Al Spaulding likes to do, the importance of fun in a vacation place that’s family friendly becomes a prime priority. Whereas some vacation place go as so much on limit the terribly presence of family, there are many pleasant selections that are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of your most precious freight. Stunning vacation places that boast a family perspective can supply special rates and meals for America, provide fun family activities or supply special place and accommodations to cater to the precise desires of traveling families. Taking the itinerary planned by Al Spaulding, we have a tendency to find what we believe are a number of the foremost family friendly and vacation places within the space that are near amusement and activities promising to please and satisfy your family’s needs for a fun crammed vacation.

Are you searching for a resort area wherever you’ll be able to relax, unwind and acquire obviate each day stress while not dying of boredom? Why not visit Pismo Beach, Mr. Spaulding loves Pismo! Pismo Beach is placed on the central coast of American state as regards to midway between la and San Francisco. You’ll be able to get there by automobile, camper, boat, rail, bus otherwise you will fly into San Luis Obispo County Regional aerodrome. Lie on a white sand beach absorbing the sun throughout the day and select long moonlit walks on the ocean’s edge in the dead of night. Go whale awaiting grey, humpback and killer whales. Read, dolphins, sea lions, pelicans and seagulls, eat at Al Spaulding’s favorite restaurants. See big colonies of large elephant seals up shut and private, dig your own clams for lunch or dinner, visit one among the foremost spectacular milkweed butterfly Groves within the country, pay leisurely day fishing off the 1200 foot pier.

Fun Activities in Pismo with Spencer Philip Jensen

Are you searching beautiful place for your winter vacation? Or planning to make your honeymoon a memorable one? Or tour somewhere beautiful place to enjoy your leisure time without any regret? Then your solution is here, Spencer Philip Jensen will show you the best places in Pismo to have a good time!

There is no other place than Pismo Beach in California in order to fulfill your requirement. Here, in one place you can get total services package for your good tour in the reasonable prices. The Luxury hotels in the Pismo Beach are the excellent standard where you can get almost all services required from the luxury hotels. The wine clubs, the travel package services with your choice, the games or sports you should enjoy as your interest. Moreover, Spencer Philip Jensen, the different types of events are organized frequently for the tourists in order to make the tour ones that are more fruitful. These types of events are pre-planned, which you will be informed through several Medias like internet etc in order to plan for the tourist to tour when their favorite events takes place. The natural as well as the man made designs of place are glorious. You can enjoy the beach environments better and more organized than other such places. Events such as beach volleyball, you can enjoy in Pool Halls, many places for fun as well as many delicious foods are available there. Not only for enjoy but also you can visit there from the commercial point of view of which Spencer Philip Jensen has done of course. You can get houses for sales. You can buy several gifts products unique from other places. If you do not know details about the place and the method to enjoy your tour in the best possible manner then you can get travel guides easily.

Pismo Clam Festival with Emma Mayerson

Emma Mayerson and I recently attended the Pismo Clam Festival. The clams were as good as ever and the Splash Cafe had the best clam chowder in the world and I mean that literally, IN THE WORLD! Pismo is a beautiful beach city located on California. It one of the most popular visit or tour destination of the United State of America. You can enjoy here with so many entertainment tools like beach, five star hotels, sun rising etc. Emma Mayerson found it also very nice place. Last year I spent my holidays on that city with my family. I am very satisfied and my family member as well. If you are also planing to your holiday tour package or seeking about the tour or holiday spent spot then select this place to visit. You will find amazing entertainment, joys and so many other climate related knowledge that only Miss Mayerson can bring us.

Beside this another exciting is the this city is hosting clam festival every October of the year. During the festival period you can get more information about it and you can get full entertainment as well. You can test different kind of dishes during the period so festival period is also a one of the best time to visit the city. Thousands of people are enjoying by visit this beautiful and pretty city from the all over the world. So why you are being late ? I hope you will plan to visit for this year. An another fact of this city is that every November through February you can see there thousands of monarch butterflies. Which is one of the beautiful butterflies. It is an migrated butterflies for the mentioned season. So this is the best destination to visit or tour.

Thanks Emma M. for going with me!

Emily Verrett Pismo Beach

Emily Verrett would like to tell you a site which is about Pismo beach. This is one of the best and fantastic beach where you can buy and sell different things. There are many gifts which you can buy from there. A lot of new hotels are also there where you can live. I am telling you about this because this is too much interested and it has all other things which someone has need to buy. You can do journey with the help of best transport system. There are many new airports are near the Pismo beach. There are many new collages and universities are you can visit there. This beach also has many new and amazing restaurants. This is one of the best and most famously spreading beach. You can visit historical places there and also can view the most beautiful sight of this beach by visiting Pismo beach. You can find five star hotels to live and also can get good homes for sale. Emily got house on rent at very good rates. I have visited this place and got total satisfaction. If you ever visit this beach then you should must visit other places. The traffic system is so fantastic and no more population which will let you to visit public place freely. The administration of this beach is so active. You can get any thing else you wanna get. I think you can also have many interesting things there. I hope you will like this beach as it has everything which you do want.

Are you a beach lover? In fact Emily Verrett loves to spend time on beach! If you are thinking about traveling to a beach to spend your holiday then you would love to travel to Pismo located at California. The beach is only not stunning but has all the facilities required from hotels, gift stores to every other thing. This classic beach being located between the Los Angeles and San Francisco has all the travel facilities. Being connected to the highway, you can hire any sort of vehicles that you like traveling in. The long white beach there just blows minds away of those strolling. And more than these all the sunset view at the beach is just a killer one. So, if you are on an active vacation, Pismo is certainly the best destination to go with your family as well as your companions.

So, what are the fun factors at Pismo? Miss Emily Verrett’s favorite activities are shopping, snorkeling, sitting on the beach and golfing. Similarly, getting in a four wheel ATV and riding the dunes shares one of the best moment of life that you would like to live again. Other than that you can ride horse, surf along with the sea tide, more than that you can body board. In other locations you may be prohibited to do fishing but at Pismo there no any blockage or restriction, just get along with your buddies and start fishing from 1200 foot pier.

And after all the tiring and mind blowing activities, you will have huge choices of deluxe hotels where you can live and rest.