John Pryor, Rugby Coach Recommends Ways to Eat Healthier While Cutting Costs on Groceries

pismo-beach-saladThere are few questions capable of yielding a resounding “yes!” on a near-universal basis, but try asking any group of people either of the following queries and see whether anyone actually offers a negative response: “Would you like to eat healthier?” and, “Would you like to cut down on expenses?” Even the healthiest and richest among us are incredibly unlikely to say they wouldn’t like to improve their health and also have more money at their disposal, and there is one simple strategy capable of achieving both of these highly desirable outcomes that far too many people tend to overlook.

Value High Calorie, Low Fat Foods

According to John Pryor, strength has many definitions. Those definitions certainly include the ability to take a patient, long-term view of improving overall health and fitness. In the experience of John Pryor, rugby players and other elite competitive athletes go to great lengths to improve their fitness, and there is one method that athletes commonly use that can be adopted by anyone whose goal is to save money while enhancing overall health and wellness. This strategy is nothing more than taking the time to prepare and maintain a raised garden bed or a small plot of land dedicated to growing produce.

From a health perspective, the benefits are obvious. Having a garden that is constantly stocked with fresh produce makes it easier to create healthy meals each and every day. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a wider variety of foods than might be available at any store, as a grocer has to consider a number of factors that do not apply to an individual who grows their own produce in a garden. Bulk shipping concerns, shelf-life considerations and popularity among consumers never cross the mind of the home gardener, which means that gardeners can make choices based on nothing more than personal preference.

Maintain A Garden

green-onionsThe other clear benefit, explains John Pryor, relates to cost. Maintaining a garden is extremely cost-efficient, especially when organic methods are utilized. A compost pile will supply all of the nutrients necessary to ensure healthy plant growth, and even the most rare heirloom seeds are still unbelievably cheap. Not only are the seeds cost-efficient, but they can also be collected from the garden plants to be stored for future use. In fact, there are few expenses involved in gardening at all beyond the initial cost of getting started (which is quite low as well).

Choose Healthy Options

Anyone interested in an improved diet through the greater availability of healthy food options should seriously consider adding a garden of any size in whatever space they have at their disposal. Even a small garden can yield a great deal of food, and the potential savings generated by maintaining a garden can be quite substantial and represents a benefit that only grows more significant over time.

Pismo Beach Continues to Honor Its Surf Community Roots

Some of the John Palino – Mayoral team at the Auckland Waterfront
Some of the John Palino – Mayoral team at the Auckland Waterfront

The city of Pismo Beach has a longstanding reputation in the surfing community for its laid-back atmosphere and its consistently solid break at numerous locations. The Central Coast city is something of a destination for those outside of the San Luis Obispo area, and it is one that is appreciated by the residents who have never taken what they have for granted.

So it should come as no surprise that residents and visitors like Luigi Wewege are able to gather together for a week full of events honoring the roots of the Pismo Beach culture. Through the recent Wine, Waves & Beyond event, a slew of visitors came together for a relaxing week of fun in the surf and sun that also helped to raise significant funds for local non-profit organizations.

The events focused on the aspects of Pismo Beach that have made it such a draw over the years, with a surf competition being held by the city’s famous pier and its tremendous break. In addition to the surfing, there was also plenty of food and drink, along with artistic exhibitions and all manner of music.

Given the city of Pismo Beach’s reputation for having such a relaxed atmosphere and attitude, it is not surprising that the events were such an overwhelming success. Even in the absence of what was basically a weeklong party, the city of Pismo Beach is always a wonderful place to visit and is famous for its seafood, arts, surfing and its culture in general.

For those who have never visited California’s Central Coast, Pismo Beach is a must-see. The people are friendly and welcoming, and visitors often comment that they felt less like they were on vacation and more like they were visiting old friends from home. The city has the kind of charm that keeps people coming back, and of course, it has the kind of waves that draw surfers from all over the world.

In fact, the surf event at Wine, Waves & Beyond was actually quite competitive and successfully attracted a number of outstanding surfers who were looking for an opportunity to show off their longboarding skills at a break that is known to be ideal for this type of surfing. In its sixth year, the event hosted at Pismo Beach is consistently outstanding and appears to be poised for continued growth over the next few years.

Pismo Beach, CA Offers Outstanding Central Coast Surfing

Surfers who have never ventured to California’s central coast are missing out on some of the best breaks in the nation. Despite the fact that surfing in the Pacific Ocean in this part of California will undoubtedly require at least a 4/3 wetsuit, the consistency of quality waves makes donning a thick suit and booties more than worthwhile.

Among the many gems of the central coast is Adam Kutner‘s home of Pismo Beach, CA. This spot attracts its fair share of locals and also draws a lot of students from nearby Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Despite the fact that Pismo Beach, CA, is a fairly popular spot among natives of the central coast, visitors will feel more than welcome so long as traditional etiquette is followed.

The area around Pismo Beach, CA, is also quite nice and provides plenty of post-session activities. For surfers who have adopted the vegan lifestyle, there are even restaurants that provide a suitable menu for a night out that will please everyone, even the meat-eaters. For those visiting Pismo Beach, CA, there is plenty to do, just make sure it is done after an enjoyable surf session at one of the best surf spots in the nation.

Ventana Grill Review by Arthur Falcone

A.Falcone-Ventana-GrillThe Ventana Grill is a great restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA. Here is a review from Arthur Falcone.

Arthur Falcone Ventana GrillI was recently heading up the California coastline and called a friend who lived in Avila Beach. I asked him for a restaurant recommendation and he pointed me towards the Ventana Grill. Chef Ricardo Ortega helped open the restaurant in 2009 and it has grown since then. I will quickly hit the highlights of this restaurant.

My favorite things about Ventana are the atmosphere and food. The atmosphere exudes dark richness, the food is not pretentious, something I can’t stand. I don’t want to pay $50 per plate and go home hungry. As they say, the more you pay, the less you get. It’s extremely frustrating for me to stop on the way home for another appetizer.

I saw the Mahi Mahi sandwich on a Yelp review and it looked amazing. A large fillet of Mahi Mahi on a grilled homemade sub type bread roll. I loved the Mahi Mahi, but the bread was worth noting as well. I love grilled bread and this was perfect! I would highly recommend the Ventana Grill and more importantly the Mahi Mahi sandwich.

Parking Dramatically Impacts The Value of Real Estate – Analysis by USHUD

In dense communities and city centers parking can be a commodity that is far too rare. In these communities parking can be the difference between selling a home or not. In the best case scenario, parking can create a 20% or greater swing in the value of a home. Older cities such as Annapolis, Maryland which have “historic districts” which is USHUD real estate speak for “No parking” see parking as a prime reason to buy or to not buy a home.

Everything from lugging bags of groceries to your front door to dings and dents in your car due to people parallel parking that should not be allowed to be driving at all impact the value of a home without off street parking.

People in cities like Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia and thousands of other cities that were built before the invention of the automobile suffer from the same issues that keep us from wanting to live in a home without convenient, available parking. They look wonderful from the outside and open air buses take tourists on jaunts around town to show off their historic districts and people see the architecture and say to themselves. “I would love to live there” but they don’t think about the lack of convenience that inadequate parking represents because they are driving by on a bus not struggling to find a parking space just to be able to be home after a hard day’s work.

That is why people who live in historic districts hold off street parking close to hart as on street parking often is hard to find and once found must be navigated into as if squeezing a pickle into a bottle which is already filled with pickles. Garages, carports, even a parking spot off the street can generate a much higher price than an equally sized home without any parking. This is where the historic districts of most towns come into play as they try to maintain the look and feel of the original home (which didn’t have parking because there were no such thing as cars).

Adding off street parking to historic homes or especially homes designated as “historic” are nearly impossible to get permission to create off street parking as the Historical Societies don’t want to lower curbs let alone change the look of the home.

Many cities have done a good job of creating public parking near the historic districts but nothing will take the place of off street parking on your own USHUD property.

Grant Talabay’s Favorite Restaurants in Pismo Beach

Everyone loves food, and when it is enhanced by the atmosphere and service of a great restaurant, it is loved even more! More than just beautiful beaches, Pismo Beach, CA also has some excellent dining options.

Pismo Beach is located on California’s stunning central coast. What better way to enjoy a meal in Pismo Beach than with an excellent view of the sun setting over the ocean? That is what you will find at Sea Venture on Ocean View Avenue. This casual dining restaurant is located on the third floor and offers a lovely beach and ocean view. The food is reasonably priced, and guests have noted that the service is excellent. Here, you can enjoy an intimate dinner or share a few drinks at the bar with friends. All the while, you will be enjoying the delicious food and unique atmosphere Sea Venture has to offer.

Another excellent ocean view can be found at Steamers on Price Street. Reasonably priced, Steamers offers a lively bar, and an extensive wine list. Steamers boasts excellent service and has many signature dishes and flavors. A family-friendly restaurant, Steamers offers a child’s menu designed to tempt even picky eaters! It is well-known for its fresh and tasty seafood entrees and award-winning clam chowder.

Whenever I, Grant Talabay, want clam chowder, Splash Cafe on Pomeroy Avenue is my favorite, and also a local favorite for their clam chowder. A line forming outside and around the corner is very common. This down-to-earth, funky little cafe is well known along the beach for clam chowder, fish tacos and other seafood delights.

The Cracked Crab on Price Street is another local favorite worth savoring. This adult and kid friendly location offers casual dining, or take-out for those who want excellent seafood on-the-go. Visitors rave about the delicious crab as well as the tasty sourdough rolls served with soup. This is a fun dining option for groups and families and provides excellent service. If you go to the Cracked Crab, make sure and ask for the “Grant Talabay”. It’s not a real thing but it will make me feel special and if enough people go in, I’ll say, “I’m Grant Talabay, do you have my special ready?”

Whether you are a local or just visiting in Pismo Beach, CA, be sure to delight your taste buds with a trip to one of these or many other excellent area restaurants.

Colin Aliff – Review of Pismo Beach

Colin Aliff has spent many summers on the beaches of Pismo, California. Beaches are the special gift of nature. God has created a lot of beach. This beach are a great source of beauty. Are you looking for a beach to enjoy the beauty of nature. Beach are also a great source to remove our monotony. it gives us a lot of pleasure. It also help to you to refresh your mind. The gentle breeze of a beach is really nice. It says that the fresh air of a beach are beneficial for our health. A beach is far from the noise of people and help to control our temper. It is also a great source for meditation.

People chose few locations as honeymoon spot and they go there where beach is available. Pismo Beach is such a nice place where people go for honeymoon. There are many ways to pass time playing tennis, playing beach basket ball, swimming, hiking, bowling etc. Pismo Beach is in California’s famous central coast, almost half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles and Pacific Coast are Colin Aliff’s favorite. If tourist go to California then they must visit Pismo Beach.

Near Pismo Beach You will get many hotels, restaurants, food places etc. If some of you want to stay at home there are some living place where you can stay as long as you want. In hotels you can all kinds of foods including Indian and chines food. But sea foods are most delicious foods those you cannot avoid. Like all modern places there are many many shopping malls, markets etc. So, you can buy gifts for your people, relatives and for special someone. In California, laws are very strict so you need not to be tensed about security and safety according to Mr. Aliff.

Colin says you will find best Hotels In Pismo Beach, Waterfront House Rentals In Pismo at cheap price, You can easily financially transaction in banks in Pismo Beach. There are many things to do and there are many places for fun, theaters, park many may things. Pismo Beach is popular for tourism. There you can meet with culture, new people, new environment those are attractive to you enough enjoyment. So you should visit the beach if you have never been there. I think, You will never miss it as a tourist. However things do not come by chance always better you make a good chance for visit Pismo Beach.

If you visit Pismo Beach, you will find the above characteristic. The Pismo Beach is equipped with modern facility. If you visit Pismo Beach, you will be amazed to see the beauty of this beach. Here a lot of modern hotel are available. they are equipped with modern facility. The Pismo Beach also contain an airport which help to visitor to reach Pismo Beach very easily. when you get down from the plan, you will see a lot hotel to stay. All of this hotel has a modern facility. you may choose one to stay here during your journey. Pismo Beach is very close to this hotel. To know the most important place of Pismo Beach , you may take help from the hotel authority. Colin Aliff said that they are very friendly and helpful to help you. They always ready to give a pleasure. the food of this hotel is also very hygienic. During your journey if you choose this beach and made a permanent decision to stay here you may buy a new flat for your self. If you face financial problem during living here, you do not have to worry. There are a lot booth are available for yourself. If you have a debit card you may easily withdraw money. So visit today at Pismo Beach and make your dream true.