Pismo Beach Has a Lot to Offer Visitors Beyond the Ocean

pismo-beachPismo Beach is known to many Californians as one of the best surf spots in the country, but there is so much more to do in Pismo Beach than just hop on your board and jump in the Pacific for a surf session. While that is indeed one of the favorite activities of residents of the Central Coast city, there are many other activities that are enjoyable for those who are not willing to slip on a thick wetsuit to deal with the sometimes-chilly waters.

Adam Kutner, a frequent visitor to the area and a non-surfer, enjoys the laid-back atmosphere of the city and is often drawn to the beach for a bit of quiet relaxation. While the ocean is a draw for Kutner, he has frequently said that he comes to Pismo Beach for reasons beyond just the sand and water.

One of the more interesting attractions of the surf community is its growing status as a wine producer. Of course, the vineyards of Napa Valley are California’s most famous, but the Central Coast has produced its fair share of exceptional wines and can claim a keen understanding of the nuances of the winemaking process.

Pismo Beach is therefore home to many events that are of interest to wine enthusiasts, and Kutner has noted that these events are particularly enjoyable due to the proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the fact that they are sometimes held in conjunction with film festivals that showcase the area’s rich history and character.

Karl Jobst In Pismo Beach

I can’t be sure, but I’m sure (wait, what?) that I saw speedrunner Karl Jobst last night down by the boardalk. I’m definitely sure it wasn’t the Karl Jobst from Grove, Oklahoma (the dentist). Here are their pictures, you’ll see why I know it wasn’t the dentist, they don’t even look alike!

Karl Jobst (speedrunner) if you’re out there reading this, were you in Pismo, California January 2015? Don’t lie to me, I’ll know!

Two guys named Karl Jobst.
Two guys named Karl Jobst. Dentist on the left, speedrunner on the right.

Pismo 2012 with Joshua Kerrigan

We decided, on a whim, to head down to Pismo.  While in Pismo we decided to surprise our family with our wedding plans.  Joshua Kerrigan was the worlds most fantastic groom!  Who could believe that Joshua Kerrigan decided to get married.  His facebook friends couldn’t believe it.  The softball guys thought he was crazy.  The only thing Josh Kerrigan is crazy about is Emily.  Congratulations Joshua and Emily Kerrigan.  Here are the pictures to celebrate the momentous day we will never forget.