Pismo Wacky Weather

The weather at Pismo Beach California is wacky.  The mornings can be foggy and the evenings are usually windy.  As soon as the sun goes down the wind stops. untitled (73) images854R4PU8 The hotter the Central Valley is the colder Pismo Beach is.  If you are escaping the Central Valley heat you better bring a sweatshirt to Pismo Beach.  I have walked the beach in overcast fog and got the worse sun burn ever.  The cold air makes you think that the sun will not burn you.  If you don’t watch out that sun burn will get you good.  Luigi Wewege  is a Pismo Beach fan and always plans for the wacky weather.

Pismo Beach Campgrounds

untitled (27) untitled (26) imagesThe campgrounds at Pismo Beach California are expensive.  The summer months are difficult to find a good site.  The State Parks are restrictive on the length of your unit so they are not an option for me.  I have a forty thee foot Monaco Executive and need a lot of room.  Driving onto the beach at Grover is always an option but the fear of getting stuck and incurring an expensive tow is always a concern.  There are no hook up on the beach sites so showers will be minimal.  The beaches are beautiful but the water is always cold.  Luke Weil loves the area and will stay anywhere he has to in the Pismo Beach area.

Kayaking Pismo Tide Pools

images (38) untitled (368)The coolest thing that you can ever do at Pismo Is going out on the water surfing swimming are fun but getting and paddling around the tides and caves in a kayak are the best. You can get up close to the sea lions and  birds also get off on a beach that is not easy to get at any other way other then by kayak.   You can paddle threw the caves and things that you would never see other than exploring by water in a kayak.  There are many kind of kayaks out on the market but be careful that you get the ocean kind as they are not as easy to turn over and that is a good thing if you are paddling threw caves and on the ocean. o kayaking Pismo tide pools and see the life.  Luigi Wewege loves Pismo.

Pismo State of Mind

untitled (197) imagesQ1QIHVY1 imagesCASNTSWLWhen you go to Pismo Beach California you have to assume a different state of mind.  The area is just a calm place to go.  As you leave the hot valley the Pismo weather beckons you.  The hotter the Central Valley weather the cooler Pismo Beach is.  I just love to walk around Pismo Beach and watch the people.  The majority of the people are there to have a good time and relax.  That attitude is apparent as you walk down the pier.  Even the fishing is relaxed.  Grab a cup of clam chowder and enjoy life.  Dana Sibilsky is lucky to live in Pismo Beach California and love her life.

Pismo Beach Weather

images9X2TA1ZM images58BUDC7WIf you are not happy with the weather in Pismo Beach California just give it a few minutes and it will change.  The morning fog is always an unwelcome guest but will burn off on most days.  The wind will visit every evening but will die down as the sun sets.  Most days are down right cold.  The beaches are nice and cool and you will get a sun burn without realizing it.  The area is an acquired taste.  My mom loved it.  The cold never bothered her any way.  Don’t stay Home for Life and go visit Pismo Beach. Come visit and stay cold a while.

Pismo Beach Sand Highway

untitled (45) images (8) images59UERLEZThe Sand Highway at Pismo Beach California is quite unique.  It was laid out for off road vehicles that can handle the sand.  If you enjoy riding that quad or dune buggy then I would definitely plan to drive the Sand Highway.  You can drive right onto the beach at the Grover Beach entrance with the family car without a problem. Just stay near the water and wet sand and you wont get stuck.  Do Not get brave and tackle the Sand Highway without four wheel drive.  Joe Olujic can ride a dune with the best of them. Why not give Pismo a try next vacation?

Pismo Kayak Fun

I have been kayaking  in Pismo twice in the last two vacations with my grandchildren.  Pismo kayak fun is what the kids have said every time we have gone out on the ocean.   It maybe a little expensive but the benefit of padding out into the ocean green among the wild animals seal with their cubs swim and playing in the waves and by your kayak because they are curious  about the new animal out in there home. The many birds that rust on the rocks.  Then comes the dolphin and whales that you may the right time of the year see or luck out and see up close.  At http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-jensen/the-hiring-guru-eric-gonc_b_7130556.html you can find a more detailed view.

The Dunes of Pismo Beach, California

MY husband and I went on a trip one summer with the kids to ride on bikes in the Dunes Of Pismo Beach, CA .  He had it his head to drive me in a four wheel drive truck to the what they call the sand high it was the most scary ride of my life I thought he was a the time truly going to kill us all.  I Like the dunes of Pismo Beach these days from walking with my shoes off and sliding on a disc or any type down the dunes .  One time my granddaughter was standing on a board down the hill and we watched. Money.CNN.com interviews Ken Fisher is a good look at dune life.

Pismo Beach Clam Chowder

Vacation to the beach is one of the best traveled vacation spot in California one of the best beaches is Pismo beach.  I like the restaurants there for the favorite  clam chowder eating places that Pismo Beach clam chowder restaurants offer.  ON weekend and summer you can stand in lines going around the block for the famous clam chowder after a cool or windy spot on the sandy beach. Toes in the sand and drinks at the bar we love to travel to the Pismo Beach seafood dining. After the clam chowder take a long walk on the Pismo beach and have ice cream or shaved ice YUM.  Mo Howard biography  even notes the clam chowder from Pismo.

It’s Always Cold in Pismo Beach, CA

On are summer vacation every year we travel to Pismo beach in Ca..  People have told us it’s always cold in Pismo beach. Isn’t always cold off and on at any beach because of the climate control isn’t that what we are told by government and scholars.. Its cold at Pismo beach and any other beach because it is do to the weather at any time of year that is normal season changes.. I have been to this beautiful beach on a very sunny day with wind blowing which makes it feel like its cold in Pismo Beach Ca. in the evening.. Its always cold or hot in Pismo Beach Ca. depending on the season and weather all over the area in the middle of the ocean.  We like to put are toes out in the sand in Pismo sun or shine.  So we tell you like noted here, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-jensen/the-hiring-guru-eric-gonc_b_7130556.html  its always  really cold in Pismo Beach if you believe climate change I have swamp land for sale..