Timothy Coppo – Children Write About Pismo

Here is a short article about Pismo from Timothy Coppo’s children. Alice is 9 and Timothy Jr. is 6. Pismo is the place which is situated in California in the USA. Pismo is very popular and most well-known place now a days. These place is very popular for having nice and awesome Beach. These beach looks so nice and everyday a large number of people visit here to see these nice beach. These looks is the sources of natural beauty. All essential services are always present here. Like-medical services, nice resident services, nice hotel services, nice food items, awesome Health services and others services. Every year these country earns a lot of foreign currency by providing these awesome beach services. People like these place for passing these vacation time nicely, pleople visit these place for enjoying themselves. These country provides all security to their visitors. They engaged all active security like FBI, different forces and others security. I think these is the largest sea beach in the world. These beach having all natural beauty like- awesome sun rises scenery, awesome fish, awesome water habits and others. I have an experience to visit these beach a few years ago. I see these beach more and more. These beach gives me more and more pleasure which attracted me more and more. So, i give people to suggest for make a tour in Pismo beach. Because, i have vast knowledge about these beach. I think these information is effective of all people who are interested to visit these awesome and nice beach. These all about my knowledge about these beach.

Kids Write About Pismo

This post was written by the daughter of Robert Bhat, Emily. Emily is 9 and just returned from her first trip to Pismo. Robert was nice enough to share an assignment that Emily did in school about Pismo. Spelling and grammar were left intact.

Pismo is a beautiful city and perfect place to having a journey or going to this place is a good thing as many people prefer going to the best places where they can enjoy a lot. As many of the people choose the places where they can have a good and perfect beachs for enjoyment and the places where they have a lot of things which is good like wise as airports, banks and much more places and the people who use and like travelling i can say it with sure that they will choose Pismo. As this place is full of amusement as well the facilitis of hotels, banks and eating places a lot where is a hope that it can be a good place to in here and make a good and awesome journey. Among the beautiful cities and touring places Pismo is consider as a perfect place and best area where can singles dates as well the married people can manage a honeymoon. As the beauty of this place is sightable. The stones, hells gives a more pretty to this place.

There are many other places for banking, traveling guide, the done of every type is present here as you can use this as a most secure and perfect place for living purpose to. Done of every type available ensure that we can live here if we are from some where from the world. So this is count as a perfect place as well. Near the beach ATM services are also available which gives us flexibility and best thing that we can withdraw money any time when we need. So if you wanna have a plan to go to some beautiful and peaceful place then your first choice must be Pismo.