Pismo Beach Holiday


If you are a traveler or fond of traveling, and if your hobby is traveling

then you might have heard about Pismo Beach. Yeah that’s correct, it is one of the most and best place and world’s famous destination for the tourists in the place of California Central Coast.

Though Pismo Beach area is a busy place but the views around this place will surely make you forget that. This place has many inns and hotels and not only that you can enjoy great and awesome views of sand dunes, coastline, surfs and girls of-course. This place is wonderful and very enjoyable all around the season. Environment is clean and fresh and you will feel like you’re in heaven for sure.

The people around Pismo Beach area are peace loving. They are friendly and are always helpful too. They like welcoming guests and not only that if you visit this place some of you may make friends with them too. Did you know that there are people who choose this destination Pismo Beach to live. They are mostly retired persons who want to enjoy rest of their lives in a quite and peaceful place with their family members. You can imagine the how peaceful and enjoyable this Pismo Beach area is through this fact. Once you get there you’ll understand.

There are many facilities around this area too. Not to worry, you’ll get all kinds of things around this area. Hospitals, Clinics, Department Store, Hotels and inns and many more all sorts of places are near this area. So, in my view this place is the 100% best for the ones that seek peaceful and nice environment to enjoy their holiday. If you are making plans for you holidays make sure this place is in your list.

Kon Tiki Inn Review Joshua Kerrigan and Emma Mayerson

Do you wanna visit Pismo Beach and do not know what hotels they offer and which to choose? My favorite is the Kon Tiki Inn. I last visited the Kon Tiki Inn with Joshua Kerrigan and Emma Mayerson.

I will try to help you a little in that. First of all, Pismo Beach is a beach city, located on the Central Coast of California. It has a big offer of hotels with a discount and special offers available through whole season. Definitely the number one which i recommend you is Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa. If you need a high quality one, with good price, but on other side great service, this is your choice. It is located on the cliffs of Avila Beach. They have a great guests service, especially if you are first time here. Their rooms are nice with modern kitchen and fantastical view. Also, they allowing dogs, which is important if you have a puppy.

Pools are warm and clean, perfect fit for the sunlovers. Second one which is on a high level is Kon Tiki Inn, located on the 5 minutes walking from the downtown of Pismo, 10 minutes walking if you walking through the beach. If you need a good quality service, for a reasonable price, it is your choice. So it is very easy to find, located at the perfect spot right on the beach with the best view on the ocean you could possibly ask for. They have a wonderful large rooms with big balconies, always proper clean, as everything in the hotel. You have a refrigerator in the room, shampoo and soap, coffee pot, along with the basic towels. Not a luxury, but excellent hotel. Third on the line, and also, the last i will review is the Ocean Palms Motel. A very short walk down the hill to the beach. If you need a place to rest somewhere and to spent one or even more nights, it is a perfect fit for you.

It is a not cheap hotel and it is a big advantage if you have a little lower budget, but also, have all that you need. TV, WiFi, parking (free), pool, breakfast included, and most important: short walk to the beach. It has comfortable and clear rooms, with friendly reception. A little disadvantage is location, because it is near to the main highway, if we can use this as disadvantage. That’s the 3 types of hotels which you choose depending on what you need, and for what money.

Cheap Hotels in Pismo Beach

If you are planning your next holiday in Pismo beach this article will be helpful for you. Many guys think that Pismo is really expensive place to be. Well I too agree with them because Pismo is on the expensive side. But with those golden beaches it is really worth visiting there. But if you plan your holiday and the hotel really well you can save lot of money because there are some cheap hotels in Pismo too. So this article is about cheap hotels in Pismo.
Oxford Suites is the top hotel which came in to my mind because of the food. The Food was really amazing and also the outdoor pool was really amazing. If you are a business person this is the best place for you. I went there for a business purpose as well. They have a business room in the hotel and for me that was a great facility and kind of a new facility to me. I could say this is an excellent cheap hotel with all the basic facilities.
If you are looking for a hotel which has rates around $60, then Ocean Breeze Inn is the best place. I think this is the cheapest basic hotel in Pismo beach. I really loved the small rooms in this inn and again the food was great. Also you get a nice view of the sea and the beach from this inn too so if you are a nature lover who love to sit on the sand, this hotel is ideal for you.
Also Blue Seal Inn and Edgewater Inn and Suites are both good cheap hotels around Pismo beach. So if you really want to be there in Pismo just go and enjoy yourself and it is not that expensive. My personal favorite is the Sandcastle Inn, Joshua Kerrigan and I stayed there for a few days and it was clean.