Pismo Clam Dig

images2CN1GN4K images7UQHUNEWThe clams in Pismo Beach are fun to dig up.  The little crabs will be right at the waters edge.  You have to be quick or they will burrow and escape.  The kids love finding and playing with them.  I don’t think they have figured out the they are good to eat.  They would rather play with them for hours then release them back to the sand.  If you just get the kids to the shore they will occupy themselves.  Kim Bettasso loves the beach as well and loves to spend any down time there.  The beaches are nice and the area is beautiful.

Kayaking Pismo Tide Pools

images (38) untitled (368)The coolest thing that you can ever do at Pismo Is going out on the water surfing swimming are fun but getting and paddling around the tides and caves in a kayak are the best. You can get up close to the sea lions and  birds also get off on a beach that is not easy to get at any other way other then by kayak.   You can paddle threw the caves and things that you would never see other than exploring by water in a kayak.  There are many kind of kayaks out on the market but be careful that you get the ocean kind as they are not as easy to turn over and that is a good thing if you are paddling threw caves and on the ocean. o kayaking Pismo tide pools and see the life.  Luigi Wewege loves Pismo.

Pismo Beach Weather

images9X2TA1ZM images58BUDC7WIf you are not happy with the weather in Pismo Beach California just give it a few minutes and it will change.  The morning fog is always an unwelcome guest but will burn off on most days.  The wind will visit every evening but will die down as the sun sets.  Most days are down right cold.  The beaches are nice and cool and you will get a sun burn without realizing it.  The area is an acquired taste.  My mom loved it.  The cold never bothered her any way.  Don’t stay Home for Life and go visit Pismo Beach. Come visit and stay cold a while.

It’s Always Cold in Pismo Beach, CA

On are summer vacation every year we travel to Pismo beach in Ca..  People have told us it’s always cold in Pismo beach. Isn’t always cold off and on at any beach because of the climate control isn’t that what we are told by government and scholars.. Its cold at Pismo beach and any other beach because it is do to the weather at any time of year that is normal season changes.. I have been to this beautiful beach on a very sunny day with wind blowing which makes it feel like its cold in Pismo Beach Ca. in the evening.. Its always cold or hot in Pismo Beach Ca. depending on the season and weather all over the area in the middle of the ocean.  We like to put are toes out in the sand in Pismo sun or shine.  So we tell you like noted here, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-jensen/the-hiring-guru-eric-gonc_b_7130556.html  its always  really cold in Pismo Beach if you believe climate change I have swamp land for sale..


Rishi Chugh Farming in Pismo

“I grew up on a farm with thirty-acres of land. I have felt connected to the land and nature in general because of my upbringing on a farm. We eventually sold the farm due to the economic situation but the connection with the land still remains.

My dad had to make a career switch after closing down the farm, he decided to become a property developer. He has made a lot of money in the property market. He purchases land and sells it on, like a middle man. Two-years ago he purchased twelve-acres in the Essex countryside and built a six-bedroom detached country house on the land. He sold the house and the land to make two-hundred thousand profit.

I am now learning more about the price of land and where to invest for the future. My dad has been very successful and I hope to follow in his footsteps by learning from his experience and knowledge.

My first venture is an allotment in Surrey. The allotment is not used, which is a shame, and I think I can bring it back to life with a little work. The land in this area is not cheap but I am sure I can make a profit once it is ready to be sold on. Making profit through buying land is far from easy, you can easily lose money, but the rewards are great if you have the knowledge and research behind you. Research is one of the most important factors, you need to know the true value of the land and the market.”

Rebecca Leeb Explores the History of Rancho Pismo Beach

These pictures are a telling fact that Pismo Beach hasn’t always been the fantasy land of sun and people. Rebecca Leeb explores the real history of “Rancho” Pismo Beach.

So in this article I would like to tell you about Pismo Beach which is located in the Rancho Pismo Mexican land. This beach is so famous in different things. There are many new and amazing things we can get from this beach. You can buy a lot of new and classic gift from this beach. There are many new variety of clothes are also available there. Pismo beach is most famous then other because it almost have all facilities which are compulsory to spend a life. There are many new collages and universities are also there. This beach also has many new and classic restaurants.

Whenever I went to Mexican land I must visited this beach. If you want to visit Pimso beach then it would be great for you. The population is not too much and environment is also very best. There you will also find Best Hotels In Pismo Beach and also not hotel, you will find five star hotels mean then best and splendid hotels. You can also have there houses for rent. You can also offer houses for sale and also can buy from beach. The beach front is also famous in foods. There are a lot of new and tasty food are there to eat. Many airports are near the Pimso which can help you to do journey easily. The traffic system is so good and many tourist are come there to enjoy this fantastic land. You can have also many gifts from this beach. I hope you will like the Rancho Pismo beach.