Car Accident At Pismo Beach Calls For Adam Kutner

Joshua Perez, 21, is being held accountable for a car accident after a storm in Pismo Beach, California, caused him to lose control and collide with another driver, Maria Malade. Perez doesn’t seem worried about the situation whatsoever. “I know exactly who I’m going to call to get this sorted out.” said Perez.








Upon further questioning, Perez had shared his plans to contact Adam Kutner, the best car accident attorney in the West and Perez seemed to know his facts about the lawyer in question. “Adam Kutner has probably more than 20,000 personal injury cases he’s already worked with years of experience and Mr. Kutner knows his way around the court system and knows exactly how to get clients their settlements promptly and trouble-free. My parents have called him a couple times.” said Perez.

According to Adam Kutner, legal action with car accidents is his specialty and hopefully Joshua Perez can get the quality service he is expecting and has witnessed in the past. Perez sure believes so. 

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