John Pryor, Rugby Coach Recommends Ways to Eat Healthier While Cutting Costs on Groceries

pismo-beach-saladThere are few questions capable of yielding a resounding “yes!” on a near-universal basis, but try asking any group of people either of the following queries and see whether anyone actually offers a negative response: “Would you like to eat healthier?” and, “Would you like to cut down on expenses?” Even the healthiest and richest among us are incredibly unlikely to say they wouldn’t like to improve their health and also have more money at their disposal, and there is one simple strategy capable of achieving both of these highly desirable outcomes that far too many people tend to overlook.

Value High Calorie, Low Fat Foods

According to John Pryor, strength has many definitions. Those definitions certainly include the ability to take a patient, long-term view of improving overall health and fitness. In the experience of John Pryor, rugby players and other elite competitive athletes go to great lengths to improve their fitness, and there is one method that athletes commonly use that can be adopted by anyone whose goal is to save money while enhancing overall health and wellness. This strategy is nothing more than taking the time to prepare and maintain a raised garden bed or a small plot of land dedicated to growing produce.

From a health perspective, the benefits are obvious. Having a garden that is constantly stocked with fresh produce makes it easier to create healthy meals each and every day. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a wider variety of foods than might be available at any store, as a grocer has to consider a number of factors that do not apply to an individual who grows their own produce in a garden. Bulk shipping concerns, shelf-life considerations and popularity among consumers never cross the mind of the home gardener, which means that gardeners can make choices based on nothing more than personal preference.

Maintain A Garden

green-onionsThe other clear benefit, explains John Pryor, relates to cost. Maintaining a garden is extremely cost-efficient, especially when organic methods are utilized. A compost pile will supply all of the nutrients necessary to ensure healthy plant growth, and even the most rare heirloom seeds are still unbelievably cheap. Not only are the seeds cost-efficient, but they can also be collected from the garden plants to be stored for future use. In fact, there are few expenses involved in gardening at all beyond the initial cost of getting started (which is quite low as well).

Choose Healthy Options

Anyone interested in an improved diet through the greater availability of healthy food options should seriously consider adding a garden of any size in whatever space they have at their disposal. Even a small garden can yield a great deal of food, and the potential savings generated by maintaining a garden can be quite substantial and represents a benefit that only grows more significant over time.

David R. Gray, Jr. Offers High Praise for Pismo Beach’s Coastal Cuisine


beach photoDavid R. Gray, Jr. knows a thing or two about the joy associated with a wonderful dining experience, so when the Illinois attorney and real estate investor made one of his relatively frequent trips to the West Coast on business, he knew he could not pass up the opportunity to explore the coastal cuisine that Pismo Beach, California, has become known for. While Chicago might be best known for its deep-dish pizza or Polish-inspired culinary indulgences, Gray points out that there has long been an appreciation among Chicagoans for the kind of seafood fare found in Pismo Beach and the surrounding areas.

During a recent stay, Gray had the good fortune of dining at the just-opened Oyster Loft, which is situated above Pismo Beach staple Wooly’s Beach and Bar in the downtown area. With oysters and filet mignon prominently featured on the menu, the combination of the ocean’s proximity and the upscale cuisine is everything one could ask for out of a restaurant and more, and Gray seems a likely candidate to return to Pismo Beach’s newest restaurant featuring an ocean-inspired menu.

Randi Glazer Discusses Benefits of Pismo Beach’s New “Parklets”

Randi Glazer has traveled to a wide variety of exotic destinations all over the world, and one of the more common themes she has experienced in each of these locales is the clear desire of residents and visitors alike to have more shared spaces in which a sense of community can be strongly encouraged. With the advent and expansion of its “parklet” program, Pismo Beach has succeeded in creating areas in which it is easy for pedestrians to stop and comfortably rest for a moment, or for visitors and residents to sit down and have a chat about anything that happens to come to mind.

According to Glazer, these spaces are very likely to be one of the most cost-effective methods for encouraging increased socialization among all of those in the area, and it is likewise quite an efficient way to beautify a wide expanse of the city without having to make a sizable financial commitment to do so. In fact, Pismo has made the installation of its parklet program even more cost-effective by opening it for sponsorship opportunities among businesses and other organizations.

Much like the adopt-a-highway programs that exist throughout the United States, the Pismo Beach parklet program ensures its public spaces are maintained by those committed to sponsoring the miniature parks throughout its increasingly inviting downtown area. The program in Pismo Beach has been such a success among both the city and its residents that it seems very likely that other cities will begin adopting similar programs in the very near future.

Pismo Beach Finds Unique Ways to Support Veterans

It is fairly established that veterans face a wide range of difficulties as they transition from military life to civilian life, making support from the community absolutely critical. Throughout the Central Coast and in Pismo Beach in particular, there have been many events and traditions that have been established with the goal of both supporting the veterans who have recently returned home and showing gratitude for all of those who have served in the past.

“Many veterans are proud of their service and are hesitant to seek out assistance during times of need,” said Arturo Alvarez Demalde. “This is why it is so important to create a network of support in which the community is essentially reaching out to its veterans rather than it having to be the other way around.”

Demalde’s suggestion is strikingly similar to the one espoused by Kareem Elsirafy, who has also advocated for greater support for veterans in the process of transitioning from active duty to civilian life. This is a much more common issue than most people realize, particularly since many in the military feel that seeking help in the transition to civilian life is a sign of weakness. This is not the case, as the majority of veterans experience some level of difficulty under these circumstances.

Elsirafy would likely be pleased to learn of the community events that take place in Pismo, where local businesses often offer free or discounted products and services while also raising awareness of the services available to veterans. Restaurants often offer a free meal while health and fitness clubs offer free passes to veterans, creating a community support system in which veterans feel valued for their service and feel comfortable seeking assistance when necessary.

Slaske Builders Could Build a Home On The Beach

Have you ever wanted to live on the beach? Living on the beach, specifically Pismo Beach, is a dream had by millions. Something about the beach with its fresh, salty air, the constant warm breeze blowing, the sunshine and calming call of seagulls across the sky makes the beach seems like a heavenly place to reside. Think about when you were a child visiting a beach or even if you were to visit the beach today. I remember being a young adolescent visiting the beach during the peak of the Summer time and dreading the day to go back to my old way of life at the end of the week.

There are plenty of options for living in a dreamy beach environment, but let’s say you wanted to have your dream home built in such a dreamy place. There are plenty of building options to choose from, such as Slaske Builders that are ready and willing to make your dream into a reality.

On the subject of Slaske Builders, the Slaske Building Company understands that your home is going to be with you for a large portion, if not the rest of your life as it is one of the biggest financial investments of your lifetime. The company is an honest no-brainer option for building your dream home.

If you were to ask people who live on the beach, you will hear it is possible to live on the beach for less that $500, $650, $1,000 a month. Do you suppose it is true? My way of thinking is if it were true with as many people who dream to live on the beach, why aren’t more people doing it? Perhaps people don’t know. It doesn’t seem as accurate to what I was always told growing up which was that housing near water is much more expensive due to the increased threat of rising tides and flooding.

Kim Bettasso Is Making Dreams Come True at Pismo Beach

Pismo beach is more than just a sunny beach in California, it is also the dream paradise land for retirement by so many Americans who know where Pismo Beach is and what it has to offer.  Kim Bettasso has been on a mission for years to make that dream a reality to many locals in the area.

One thing is for sure, a professional such as Kim Bettasso sure knows her stuff and her audience. With over 20 years of experience in the financial field and her bachelor degree from years of studying and training, she just may be the woman to make even your retirement dreams come true.

Pismo Beach Represent Unique Location for Recovery From Injury

There are very few things surfing is not able to cure, and apparently the sport’s devotees see it is the ideal activity for staying active while dealing with a whole host of sports injuries. While a bum ankle or foot may keep basketball players off the court for an extended period of time while nursing their injury, surfers in Pismo Beach believe that there is no reason to discontinue their wave riding due to injury. Of course, as Dr. Andrew Carver has pointed out, surfers from San Francisco, California, to Washington, DC, should exhibit caution when dealing with any injury, noting that there is a potentially serious risk of making the condition worse.

Dr. Carver, a podiatrist, notes that there are many aspects of surfing in Pismo Beach that are indeed ideal in aiding in the recovery process from injury. The relative cold of the Pacific Ocean and the fact that the surfer is frequently immersed in this water is good for reducing inflammation and stimulating several aspects of the body’s natural recovery processes, but the demands of the actual act of surfing may be too much for certain types of injuries. The foot doctor pointed out that a lower leg injury could be exacerbated by the surfer’s need to “pop up” and plant their feet firmly on the board.

Of course, many of the Pismo Beach surfers are always more than happy to offer plenty of anecdotal reviews that indicate surfing is great for any and all injuries, and Dr. Carver sees that there are some possible health benefits to engaging in the activity. In terms of podiatry, however, the doctor believes that it is best to have a medical professional analyze each individual injury to determine whether or not a specific activity is safe and will not therefore negatively affect the recovery process.

It is important for patients to stay active while recovering from any sports injury, but there are also certain limitations that must be abided by. Dr. Carver believes the best course of action is for patients to consult with their doctor before engaging in any type of physical activity, whether it is surfing or some other athletic endeavor.

Pismo Wacky Weather

The weather at Pismo Beach California is wacky.  The mornings can be foggy and the evenings are usually windy.  As soon as the sun goes down the wind stops. untitled (73) images854R4PU8 The hotter the Central Valley is the colder Pismo Beach is.  If you are escaping the Central Valley heat you better bring a sweatshirt to Pismo Beach.  I have walked the beach in overcast fog and got the worse sun burn ever.  The cold air makes you think that the sun will not burn you.  If you don’t watch out that sun burn will get you good.  Luigi Wewege  is a Pismo Beach fan and always plans for the wacky weather.

Pismo Beach Campgrounds

untitled (27) untitled (26) imagesThe campgrounds at Pismo Beach California are expensive.  The summer months are difficult to find a good site.  The State Parks are restrictive on the length of your unit so they are not an option for me.  I have a forty thee foot Monaco Executive and need a lot of room.  Driving onto the beach at Grover is always an option but the fear of getting stuck and incurring an expensive tow is always a concern.  There are no hook up on the beach sites so showers will be minimal.  The beaches are beautiful but the water is always cold.  Luke Weil loves the area and will stay anywhere he has to in the Pismo Beach area.

Pismo Sand Castles

The sand castles at Pismo Beach California are amazing.  The artistic abilities of the sand castle buildersuntitled (386)untitled (385) is as good as any sculptor.  The scale of many of these castles are huge.  If you enjoy these sculptures then Pismo Beach is a great place to see them built.  I like to think I can build a mean castle but I would not hold a candle to these amazing castle builders.  If you have an artistic talent for sand castle building you can find sand castle contest all up and down the west coast. Joe Olujic can build a mean castle.