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  •   David R. Gray, Jr. knows a thing or two about the joy associated with a wonderful dining experience, so when the Illinois attorney and real estate investor made one of his relatively frequent trips to the West Coast on business, he knew he could not pass up the opportunity to explore the coastal cuisine […]

  • Randi Glazer has traveled to a wide variety of exotic destinations all over the world, and one of the more common themes she has experienced in each of these locales is the clear desire of residents and visitors alike to have more shared spaces in which a sense of community can be strongly encouraged. With […]

  • It is fairly established that veterans face a wide range of difficulties as they transition from military life to civilian life, making support from the community absolutely critical. Throughout the Central Coast and in Pismo Beach in particular, there have been many events and traditions that have been established with the goal of both supporting […]

  • Have you ever wanted to live on the beach? Living on the beach, specifically Pismo Beach, is a dream had by millions. Something about the beach with its fresh, salty air, the constant warm breeze blowing, the sunshine and calming call of seagulls across the sky makes the beach seems like a heavenly place to reside. […]

  • Pismo beach is more than just a sunny beach in California, it is also the dream paradise land for retirement by so many Americans who know where Pismo Beach is and what it has to offer.  Kim Bettasso has been on a mission for years to make that dream a reality to many locals in […]


David R. Gray, Jr. Offers High Praise for Pismo Beach’s Coastal Cuisine

  David R. Gray, Jr. knows a thing or two about the joy associated with a wonderful dining experience, so when the Illinois attorney and […]


Pismo Clam Dig

The clams in Pismo Beach are fun to dig up.  The little crabs will be right at the waters edge.  You have to be quick […]


Pismo Beach Continues to Honor Its Surf Community Roots

The city of Pismo Beach has a longstanding reputation in the surfing community for its laid-back atmosphere and its consistently solid break at numerous locations. […]


Pismo Beach Holiday

  If you are a traveler or fond of traveling, and if your hobby is traveling then you might have heard about Pismo Beach. Yeah […]

Kids Writing

Timothy Coppo – Children Write About Pismo

Here is a short article about Pismo from Timothy Coppo’s children. Alice is 9 and Timothy Jr. is 6. Pismo is the place which is […]


Pismo Beach Has a Lot to Offer Visitors Beyond the Ocean

Pismo Beach is known to many Californians as one of the best surf spots in the country, but there is so much more to do […]

Pismo Tips

Pismo Beach Represent Unique Location for Recovery From Injury

There are very few things surfing is not able to cure, and apparently the sport’s devotees see it is the ideal activity for staying active […]

Things To Do

Pismo Tide Pools

The tide pools near Pismo California are fun to explore.  We rented kayaks and paddled out into the surf.  The kelp was thick near the […]